Tyranno-sort-of-Rex by Christopher Llewelyn

There are a huge number of picture books about dinosaurs out there.  Given the popularity of dinosaurs with young children it’s wonderful to have so many books to choose from.  Some of my recent favourite dinosaur stories have been Dinosaur Police by Sarah McIntyre and The Dinosaurs are Having a Party by Gareth P. Jones and Garry Parsons.  Tyranno-sort-of-Rex by Christopher Llewelyn and illustrated by Scott Tulloch is a brand new picture book about dinosaurs, full of dinosaurs that you haven’t met before.

Tyranno-sort-of-Rex follows a shipment of dinosaur bones from the desert where they’re dug up, across the oceans, arriving at a museum for a special exhibition.  The bones get packed neatly into boxes, with ‘the name of each dinosaur stamped on its case.’ However, when the bones arrive at the museum the boxes are shattered and the bones are all out of order.  The bones are dropped off in a heap at the museum and it’s up to the curator to put the ‘fossilised jigsaw’ together. The results of the curators efforts are hilarious!  He creates dinosaurs with huge heads and short legs, dinosaurs with two heads, and dinosaurs with incredibly long necks.  You wonder if he will ever manage to put them together the right way.

Tyranno-sort-of-Rex is a rollicking tale about a Jurassic problem that is solved with a bit of creativity.  Kids will laugh out loud as the curator creates some interesting new dinosaurs.  Christopher Llewelyn’s text is a joy to read aloud and really rolls off your tongue.  I love the refrain that features throughout the book, ‘WHIZZ went the drill, and his hammer went WHACK! Checking his work the curator stepped back…’ I can’t just see children joining in and making the sounds.  This refrain helps to give a sense of suspense, as you turn the page to find out what the curator has created next.  Scott Tulloch’s illustrations are the perfect fit for the story.  I especially love his illustrations of what the strange new dinosaurs might have looked like.

Grab a copy of Tyranno-sort-of-Rex and share it with the dinosaur fan in your life.

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