I Want Spaghetti! by Stephanie Blake

Gecko Press introduced us to Stephanie Blake’s naughty little rabbit, Simon, when they translated and published Poo Bum! a few years ago.  They’ve continued to publish Stephanie’s books, with more and more stories of Simon’s naughty antics.  I’ve loved each and every one (Stupid Baby is my favourite).  Gecko Press has just released the latest Simon the rabbit book, I Want Spaghetti, and it’s every bit as funny as the previous stories.  In I Want Spaghetti we get to meet Simon the fussy eater.

Simon only likes to eat one thing…spaghetti.  His parents try to get him to eat other things like sandwiches and soup but Simon thinks they are disgusting and he won’t eat them.  Simon isn’t fond of getting told what to eat or being told to go to his room so he throws a big tantrum.  His parents manage to tempt him with chocolate cake and just when they think they’ve got Simon eating out of the palm of their hand, he turns the tables on them.

I Want Spaghetti is a laugh-out-loud picture book featuring a character that both kids and adults love.  Simon is the child that you can laugh at but wouldn’t want as your own.  He’s a horrible little rabbit, with bad manners, who has tantrums and makes a huge mess, but you can’t help but love him.  Kids especially love him because he gets to do and say the things they aren’t allowed to.  I have read I Want Spaghetti to kids in schools around Christchurch and kids of all ages love it, from 5-year-olds right through to 12-year-olds.  In fact, the Simon the rabbit books are the most requested books that I get asked to read again and again.  That’s the sign of a really great book!

I love how sparse Stephanie’s books are.  The illustrations are quite simple, while showing an incredible range of emotions, and the colours of the pages are bright, allowing the text to stand out.  The text is also quite simple but it has real impact.  The design of the book is very clever, with the text changing sizes and being run together for emphasis.  I especially like the pages of text and illustration where Simon says ‘I Want Spaghetti’ increasingly louder.  The text gets bigger and the illustrations show Simon getting angrier and angrier.

The thing I love the most about Stephanie’s books is that there is always a twist in the story.  I love seeing kids’ faces and hearing them laugh when you turn the last page.

Thanks Gecko Press for continuing to bring us more of Stephanie’s Simon stories.  I certainly hope there are many more to come!

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