My name is Zac McCallum. I’m a School Librarian at a primary school in Christchurch, New Zealand and I love Children’s and Young Adult literature.  On this blog I share books that I’m reading, books I want to read, and any other book related news.

As I’m a librarian in a primary school my reviews focus on books for ages 5-13. I have a particular passion for graphic novels for children and teens so you’ll find lots of these here. I also like to highlight great books for newly independent readers and books that make good read alouds.

I hope you enjoy my blog.


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  1. Hello!

    I love your book blog here. Very unique, awesome design and great posts. Thanks for sharing your experience and bookish thoughts with us 🙂

    As such, I wanted to nominate your blog for the Versatile Blogger Award! It’s an award made by bloggers for bloggers as a way to recognize all the outstanding blogs out there. Here’s a link to give you more info about the award:


    Have an awesome day!


    • Thanks so much for your kind words Lisa! I love being able to share my love of books and promoting my favourite authors. Thanks for checking out my blog 🙂

  2. I’ve tracked you down online now ^^ It’s great to meet someone so knowledgeable and passionate in my local library. I’ve been going to libraries for years, but never felt inclined to actually converse with the librarians. Strange, no? I suppose because I spend most of my days either talking about or reading books… Or writing them (I have self published two children’s books and am working on a picture book at the moment). Have you ever been interested in writing? I have a book blog too, but it only has about 3 followers, so all of my reviews go on Goodreads now.

    What is your top favourite book for ages 10+? Ie: If I haven’t read it, then I should?!

    • I have read Angela’s novel for children, Aroha’s Grand Adventure – it is delightful and will resonate with anyone who is from around Canterbury! Would recommend it and I was the mother of the child who the book was bought for! Also, I happen to be related to Angela (!!) — it was lovely to read her comments. Our daughter met Zac at St Michael’s Church School on May 23rd as part of the book awards.

  3. Hi there
    Have just discovered your blog. Thanks for your reviews and links to teacher resources. I am thrilled to have found your site as it is helping me in my research to find great NZ books for our young readers. What a valuable contribution. Thank you, Liz

  4. Hi Zac, just wanted to say it was lovely to meet you at the awards ceremony last week and thank you for all your encouragement. I am having a great time reading back on your blog, it’s fantastic. cheers! Ali Teo

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