The Treehouse Fun Book 2 by Jill Griffiths, Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton

Do you know a fan of Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton’s Treehouse series? Are you looking for something to occupy them these school holidays? You need to rush out to your nearest bookshop and buy a copy of The Treehouse Fun Book 2 from the creators of the Treehouse series.

The Treehouse Fun Book 2 is the perfect book for any fan of the brilliantly funny series.  It is chock full of Terry’s hilarious illustrations that kids love and Andy, Jill and Terry’s crazy antics.  It’s a book to make kids really feel like a part of the series as they fill in their details at the start of the book and get to control the action by writing and drawing. You can use the combining machine to make crazy new animals, create moo-vie posters, decipher coded messages, create a disaster in the treehouse, write in speech bubbles to create wacky conversations between animals, and make up names for Jill’s rabbits.  There really is hours of entertainment in this book and it will have kids laughing out loud.

Grab a copy of The Treehouse Fun Book 2 to keep your kids entertained these school holidays.

Enter the Colour Me Creative Challenge

Kristina Webb is one of the most popular artists on Instagram ( @colour_me_creative, @kristinawebb), with a following in the millions.  Kristina has just published her first book, Colour Me Creative, with HarperCollins.  It is part biography, following Kristina’s story so far, and part creative journal.  The book features 50 art-inspired creative challenges for you to complete, including a face-paint challenge, a dream wardrobe challenge and a doodle challenge.  These challenges are heaps of fun and give you the chance to be creative and go crazy.

Here is a video of Kristina Webb talking about Colour Me Creative:

Win a copy of Colour Me Creative!


You can enter to win a copy of Colour Me Creative by completing one of Kristina’s challenges, the Masked Ball Challenge.  Here are the details:

Imagine you were just invited to a masquerade ball! Using paint, pencils, feathers, glitter, or anything else you
wish, create your dream mask on this template. Afterward, feel free to cut it out and take a selfie in your fabulous mask.

You can download the template here – Masked Ball Challenge.

When you have finished your mask simply take a photo of your mask and email it to, along with your name and address.  Competition closes Friday 30 October (NZ only).