Ned Vizzini and Chris Colombus discuss House of Secrets

House of Secrets by Chris Colombus and Ned Vizzini is released in May by HarperCollins NZ.  Chris Colombus is the creator of some of my favourite kids movies, including Goonies, Home Alone and Mrs Doubtfire, so I’m really looking forward to reading his first children’s book.  The idea of the story sounds really interesting so I’ve got my fingers crossed that it will be great!

Michael Grant’s Light Book Trailer

Light is one of my most anticipated books of 2013.  It spells the end of Michael Grant’s brilliant Gone series. I have a copy sitting on my coffee table staring at me but I’m waiting until I can give it my full attention.  When I start I know I won’t want to stop until I’ve reached the end.

Light is due to be released on 1 April (just in time for Easter weekend!) and I know there will be plenty of Michael’s fans itching to find out what cruel punishment he doles out to the residents of Perdido Beach in this final book.

It’s Not a Monster, It’s Me by Raymond McGrath

I love this video so much that I have to share it with everyone!  Raymond McGrath made it (with the help of his very talented friends) to promote his picture book, It’s Not a Monster, It’s Me! published by Penguin New Zealand.  I’ve seen this book in the library and not even realised it was created by a New Zealand author/illustrator.

Check out It’s Not a Monster, It’s Me! by Raymond McGrath in your library or bookshop now.  It’s a great book to read and share for New Zealand Book Month.

The Book of Doom is here!

Today in the UK it’s the book birthday for The Book of Doom by one of my absolute favourite authors, Barry Hutchison.  Sadly we have to wait until 21 March to get it here in NZ, but it’s well worth the wait.  I was lucky enough to be one of the very first people to read The Book of Doom back in September last year, when Barry was fine-tuning the story.  Not only did I get to read the book early, but Barry also named the main character in the book after me!  As you can imagine, I was incredibly excited about this (lots of jumping around the room and telling everyone I knew).

The Book of Doom is a hilarious story that takes you from Heaven to Hell.  I’ll be reviewing it here on the blog very soon and you’ll also have a chance to win a copy.  In the mean time, check out these wonderful videos that Barry made to promote The Book of Doom.