Blood Moon by Lucy Cuthew

Lucy Cuthew’s new book, Blood Moon, is an amazing verse novel for teens that focuses on periods, sex and online shaming.

During Frankie’s first sexual experience with Benjamin (he of the meaty thighs) she gets her period. They both agree that it is just blood, there is no shame and that they both had fun. However, Frankie starts to doubt Benjamin’s honesty when details of their experience are spread around school. What should have been something private is now very much public. Then a graphic meme about her goes viral and Frankie starts to wonder if she is dirty and should be ashamed. Frankie’s life really gets turned upside down when the online shaming becomes vicious and terrifying. With the help of her friends, Frankie will need to stand up and show those around her that she has nothing to be ashamed of.

Blood Moon is an empowering read with real emotional punch. It’s a story about periods but it’s also about friendships, family, first sexual encounters, bullying, and social media. Lucy has written the story in verse, which I always think adds impact to the story. It feels like a more personal form of storytelling and it really works with this story. A story told in verse makes you slow down and savour the author’s words. Take this section for example:

Lucy vividly portrays the impact that period shaming, both in person and online, has on Frankie. She faces nasty comments and images at school but these also spread online when a meme is made about her. She starts to feel physically ill and becomes afraid to leave her house.

The blood moon of the title also refers to Frankie’s love of astronomy. She works at the local observatory, along with her best friend Harriet, and is hoping to get a summer internship there. Frankie and Harriet have a telescope in their treehouse and it’s their shared history and interests that help to heal their relationship.

This is a must read for teenagers and adults alike.