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Kids and YA new releases from Makaro Press

Peaceful Warriors by Raymond Huber (Children’s Nonfiction)

A war hero who refused to fight, students who stood up to Hitler, a ship that sailed into a nuclear test zone, a whole town which practiced non-violence. Peace Warriors tells the dramatic stories of people who chose non-violent resistance in times of conflict—stories of young men and women from New Zealand and around the world.

Young readers will discover that peaceful resistance can be as effective as military force, and that people power can change history.

Peace Warriors front cover

Nanotech by Denis Wright

High school students on a science field trip to Auckland are captured by white supremacist group NAB, whose target is American biologist Professor Meinhoff. He’s made a startling and dangerous breakthrough in molecular biology – a virus that could destroy entire ethnic groups if it falls into the wrong hands.

The kidnappers want it. The students and their teacher, Bernie, get in the way. Time is running out as they try to escape the kidnappers, save the Professor, and ensure that NAB’s shocking plan doesn’t succeed.

Nanotech front cover

You can purchase these books and more books from Makaro Press on their website – www.makaropress.co.nz/buy-online/


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Wings by Raymond Huber

Wings is the sequel to Sting, the action-packed, adventure story about a young honey bee called Ziggy.  In Wings, Ziggy and his bee family travel to Tokyo with their human, Sparkles, to investigate the disappearance of bees all over the city.  In Tokyo they meet Mitsu who shows them around the city and takes Ziggy and his family to try and find out what happened to her sisters.  Along the way they make new friends and have to escape spiders, hornets and humans who want to destroy them.  Will they figure out why the bees are dying and save the day?

Wings is a great sequel to Sting and is once again full of action and adventure.  You don’t need to have read Sting to understand what happens in the story as it’s a stand-alone book.  The story is told from Ziggy’s point of view and he’s a cool character who’s very brave and loyal.  If you like animal or adventure stories you’ll love Wings.   Recommended for 9+  7 out of 10

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