Sophie and the Shadow Woods by Linda Chapman and Lee Weatherly

Meet Sophie, the one girl who will save the world.  Sophie is different from the other girls in her class at school who like to play games about fairies or giggle about girls.  Her favourite things are action films, taekwondo, sports, adventures, bikes, and skateboards, and when she grows up she wants to be a stuntwoman.

Sophie has just turned 10 and her taekwondo skills are going to come in very handy, because she has become the new Guardian of a magic gateway in the mysterious Shadow Woods.  Her mission is to stop the mischievous creatures that live there, including trolls, goblins, and gnomes entering our world.  The only problem is that Sophie has lost the key to the Shadow Realm and if the goblins get their hands on one of the shadow gems, Sophie’s world will be in danger.  Will Sophie be able to find the gem first and defeat the goblins?  Find out in the first book of the series, The Goblin King.

Sophie and the Shadow Woods is a cool new series by Linda Chapman and Lee Weatherly.  Sophie is an adventurous girl who kicks butt and she isn’t afraid to stand up to a goblin.  If you’re a girl who would rather read a Beast Quest book than a Rainbow Magic Fairies book, then this series is perfect for you.  We have the first two books, The Goblin King and The Swamp Boggles, in the library now and there are more to come soon.     Recommended for 7+       8 out of 10

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