Picture Book Nook: Don’t Worry Douglas! by David Melling

Douglas, the loveable bear who wants a hug is one of my favourite picture book characters.  David Melling really knows how to write and illustrate for children, particularly preschoolers, and he’s created a character that every child will love.  In his first picture book outing, Hugless Douglas, our bear friend just wanted a hug, but he never seemed to be able to find the right type of hug.  In Don’t Worry Douglas! he’s given a special wooly hat by his dad and he goes off to show his friends.  On the way out the door his dad tells him to look after it, but this is exactly what Douglas doesn’t do.  His hat gets caught on a tree and slowly unravels.  The other animals say “Don’t worry Douglas” and try to help him put it back together.  But what will Douglas’s dad think?

Don’t Worry Douglas is the perfect match of text and gorgeous illustrations.  David’s illustrations make Douglas look so cuddly and loveable which makes him appealing to children and adults.  His child-like qualities and personality are something that children can relate to and you can’t help but want to help him out, give him a cuddle and tell him everything will be OK.  One thing I particularly love about David Melling’s illustrations is that he portrays emotion so well in both the facial expressions and body language of his characters.  The illustration of Douglas wearing his wooly hat that his dad just gave him captures that excitement and joy so perfectly.  I can’t recommend David Melling highly enough and urge you to go to your library or bookshop and get all of his books!  They’re perfect for any age.

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