Celebrating 30 years of Alfie

I grew up with lots of books.  My parents read to me right from the start and I have no doubt that’s part of the reason I love books so much now.  One of my parents’ favourite authors/illustrators was Shirley Hughes so I grew up with Alfie.  Her Alfie books have stood the test of time and are just as fun and entertaining to read now as they were when I was a kid.  This year sees the 3oth anniversary of the very first Alfie book, so Shirley Hughes has celebrated this milestone by publishing a brand new Alfie book and a mini Alfie collection.

All About Alfie is a brand new collection of Alfie stories, while at the same time, retaining everything that made the original stories so special.  All your favourite characters are here, including Alfie’s little sister Annie Rose, his best friend Bernard, and his toy elephant Flumbo.  You can join Alfie as he hides in his secret den, helps Bernard celebrate his birthday, and goes on a big adventure with his mum.  All About Alfie is a real celebration of Shirley Hughes’ classic character and her stunning artwork.

The My Alfie Collection brings together four of the best Alfie stories in a package of miniature hardback editions.  These miniature editions are a good size for sharing but also perfect for carrying around in your handbag or in the car, for those moments when you need a book. Alfie Gets in First is still my favourite Alfie book and makes me laugh every time.

I hope that, even though the world of books is changing, the Alfie books will still be popular in another 30 years.  I know that I’ll share the joy of Alfie with my own children, as my parents shared them with me.

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