The Prisoner of Heaven Release Day

Carlos Ruiz Zafon’s sequel to The Shadow of the Wind, called The Prisoner of Heaven is released in Australia and New Zealand today from one of my favourite publishers, Text Publishing (based in Melbourne).  Carlos Ruiz Zafon is my favourite author and The Shadow of the Wind is my favourite book so you can imagine how excited I am to read the sequel.  I can’t wait to immerse myself in Carlos’ Barcelona and return to The Cemetery of Forgotten Books.

The Prisoner of Heaven is an adult book (one of the few that I’ll read this year) but Text have also published several of his Young Adult novels in English.  The Prince of Mist and The Midnight Palace are dark, atmospheric, gothic stories for teens and adults alike.

Take a look at the beautiful book trailer and make sure you get your hands on a copy from your library or bookshop.

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4 thoughts on “The Prisoner of Heaven Release Day

  1. I suppose it was own fault for letting both my expectation and excitement build to such high levels. I had a premonition when the book appeared out of its jiffy bag (I purchased online) I didn’t like the size and found it difficult to comfortably hold and it looked thin. But surely CRZ won’t disappoint I thought as I revelled in opening to the first page………..278 pages later I do feel let down. Although he still has a superb writing style – this one just did not ignite for me and none of his usually waspish similes have stuck in my mind. I was not comfortable with the Daniel/Cascos scene, just did not seem right or in character.
    Left me feeling short changed.

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