NZ Book Cover War – Heat 1

Thanks to everyone who voted in my first NZ Book Cover War.  The winner, with 50% of the votes, was Ransomwood by Sherryl Jordan.  Scholastic NZ deserve a huge congratulations for choosing such an appealing cover.  2nd was Red Rocks, 3rd was Steel Pelicans, and 4th was Drover’s Quest.

That’s all for Heat 1 of my Book Cover Wars.  Heat 2 and the Finals will be held in November, to choose the top International and NZ book cover of 2012.

The winner of the signed copy of The Serpent’s Shadow is Jason.

4 thoughts on “NZ Book Cover War – Heat 1

    • Hi Angela,

      I thought about which covers really stand out on the shelf and which ones really tie in with the story that you read inside. I think that all of these covers appeal to a wide audience and that both guys and girls would pick them up to find out what the book is about.


  1. Hmm. I liked one in particular but voted for another because kids’ bookcovers have to appeal to kids, so I went with the one I thought would appeal to kids.

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