Picture Book Nook: The Giant’s Loo Roll by Nicholas Allan

Kids love a good book full of toilet humour.  The best of those books are the ones where the author is clever, not just trying to get as many poos and wees in as they can.  Nicholas Allan’s latest picture book, The Giant’s Loo Roll, is one of those books and it’ll have kids in fits of giggles.

The giant is sitting on the toilet one day when he drops his toilet roll and it rolls off down the hill.  Follow the giant’s loo roll as it hurtles through town, leaving havoc in its wake.  What will the townsfolk do with all the enormous sheets of paper?  They use it for painting, making paper planes, paper pants and even more toilet rolls.  Eventually the loo roll comes to a stop and the townsfolk roll it back to the giant – just in time!

The Giant’s Loo Roll is a classic Nicholas Allan story, that’s funny and a little bit naughty.  The rhyming text rolls off your tongue as you follow the loo roll down through town.  There’s an environmental message in the story, as the townsfolk find all sorts of ways to recycle and reuse the giant toilet paper.  I’m sure your children could come up with many other uses for the toilet paper. The children that I’ve read the story to especially like the giant paper plane that the school children make to knock over all the teachers.  I really like the way that Nicholas has used anticipation when turning the pages, because children never seem to be able to guess what is going to happen on the next page.  Unlike a lot of giants, this one is friendly and even invites the townsfolk in for a cup of tea.

The Giant’s Loo Roll is perfect for reading aloud with a group or sharing on your lap, and will have children giggling away with every read.

4 out of 5 stars

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