The Amazing Trace n’ Race Little Yellow Digger

Scholastic New Zealand have released this very special (and totally awesome) Little Yellow Digger box set, which includes a mini edition of the book and a toy digger.  This is no ordinary digger though.  Check out the video to see this cool Little Yellow Digger in action.

The Little Yellow Digger by Betty & Alan Gilderdale is celebrating 20 years in print this year, so what better way to celebrate than grabbing a copy of this wonderful book.

One thought on “The Amazing Trace n’ Race Little Yellow Digger

  1. The Little Yellow Digger and the Little Yellow Digger at the Zoo were favourites of my sons now 21, 18 and 13. While other picture books have been packed away to make room for the paraphernalia that marks the passage through teenage years, The Little Yellow Digger is still in one of their bookcases. After laughing how old it made them feel, they judged the Trace and race Yellow Digger to be ‘way cool’. Thank you for sharing

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