Win a New Zealand Kids Book Pack

It’s the last week of NZ Book Month for 2013.  I always enjoy NZ Book Month because I love reading books by our wonderful New Zealand authors and illustrators.  I hope you’ve read some great NZ books this month and enjoyed my Fast Five Questions with NZ authors and illustrators.

To finish NZ Book Month I’m giving away a New Zealand Kids Book Pack, thanks to Scholastic New Zealand.  The pack includes:

  • The Silly Goat Gruff by Scott Tulloch
  • A Winter’s Day in 1939 by Melinda Szymanik
  • Dinosaur Rescue: Salto-scaredypus by Kyle Mewburn and Donovan Bixley
  • Ransomwood by Sheryl Jordan
  • Scrap: Tale of a Blond Puppy by Vince Ford
  • Scrap: Oh My Dog! by Vince Ford

To get in the draw just leave a comment (with your name and email address) telling me about a New Zealand book you’ve read and loved this NZ Book Month.  Competition closes Sunday 31 March (NZ only).

Thanks to everyone who entered.  The winner is the Rodgers-Foran family.  I hope you enjoy your books!

34 thoughts on “Win a New Zealand Kids Book Pack

  1. One book I have enjoyed reading this month is by Nalini Singh. I am so surprised I had not heard about her sooner as she is world famous!

  2. My kids and I have loved reading Mister Whistler this month. Great story with amazing illustrations 🙂 It is now a definate fave in our book shelf.

  3. The Wonkey Donkey is a fav in our house hold, my son got it as a gift at the start of the month and we read it almost everyday and he loves it! Would love to add some more awesome books to his collection !

  4. The Margaret Mahy Treasury, some of her most outstanding work in one giant book. This is a book i am planning to pass on to my future grandchildren.

  5. Soon I’ll have read two books by NZ authors this month. “The Flytrap Snaps” by Johanna Knox and “The Enchanted Flute” by James Norcliffe – which I’m half way through. These books are completely different but are both great! A venus flytrap with attitude and a flute with hidden powers!

  6. Oh! I would love to win this pack, especially the book ‘A Winters Day in 1939’ as our school have invited Melinda Szymanik as our visiting author for our book week this year in term 3. It’s just that I haven’t got that title of hers and would love to win it for the school.

  7. We read Kiss Kiss Yuck Yuck tonight by Kyle Mewburn, an old favourite with my boys. Very funny with great illustrations.

  8. We are Margaret Mahy fans. We have been reading A Lion in the Meadow, Down the Back of the Chair and Bubble Trouble lately. Her writing is so magical.

  9. Quaky Cat by Diana Noonan and Gavin Bishop this book is one of my kids favorites and it played a big part of their recovery process after the Feb quake.

  10. Mr 15 month LOVES The Wonky Donkey!! “He was a winky wonky donkey!” Also Kaha the Kea is a great book!
    Shani McLean

  11. I read (and LOVED) The Sweet Second Life of Darrell Kincaid by Catherine Robertson. Such a good read!!! Have just started her second book The Not So Perfect Life of Mo Lawrence 🙂

  12. Battle of the Birds by Lee Murray. Wonderful NZ focus in the story and beautifully told. Won the Sir Julius Vogel award for best youth fiction last year. Also enjoying reading the Travelling Restaurant by Barbara Else to the kids just now.

  13. The Margaret Mahy Treasury is a reading pleasure in this house. Such a talented author and she just has that hypnotic factor in her writing.
    Such a pleasure to read.

  14. me and my kids have just read Jean Dreams of Flying by Dreydon Sobanja
    it is a wonderful book and my kids loved it and i love book month because my kids get very exited using ther $5 vouchers

  15. I am a big Des Hunt fan and have read most of his books. I am currently reading the phantom of Terawhiti, which is his newly released novel, and I am really enjoying it. I would recommend any of his books to readers.

  16. Cassandra age 10 “I love Margaret Mahy’s “the boy who was followed home” because it was quite hilarious”

  17. Cassandra age 10 – “I love Margaret Mahy’s “The boy who was followed home” because it is quite hilarious!”

  18. Samuel age 11 – “I loved Maurice Gee’s “Under the Mountain” because it is so gripping and action packed”

  19. ‘Dart of Castle Hill’ by Christine Fernyhough & Susan Elijas – a great story book for younger readers about Dart the sheep dog who searches for sheep that play hide and seek. Love the illustrations too – a mixture of photography and collage. And it’s all written in rhyming verse – an excellent read-aloud book!

  20. Interesting Amanda above mentioning John Lockyer’s rugby story. I am lucky enough to work with John – he is a fantastic teacher and very passionate about getting gets reading and more importantly hooked!

  21. We’ve read an oldie but a goodie The Witch in the Cherry Tree by Margaret Mahy she wrote so many great kids books which are a favourite in our household. I have started The Heir of Night by Helen Lowe a great local author but haven’t quite finished it yet.

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