Lest we forget: Books to remember the ANZACs

Last year in the lead up to Anzac Day I had some of our wonderful New Zealand authors and illustrators join me on the blog to talk about their Anzac books and what Anzac Day means to them.  You can read their posts by clicking on the links below.  You can also read about my favourite Anzac books and Philippa Werry’s fantastic new non-fiction book about Anzac Day, Anzac Day: The New Zealand Story.

Christchurch City Libraries has a great info page about Anzac Day and Gallipoli for children, with basic facts and links to some interesting websites.

3 thoughts on “Lest we forget: Books to remember the ANZACs

  1. HI Zac
    Thanks for your series of Anzac guest posts. I have really enjoyed reading the different perspectives on Anzac Day and the background to each book, especially after going to the launch for The red poppy at the Children’s Bookshop here in Wellington a few weeks ago. As well as being a great story, with wonderful ilustrations, it’s also a beautifully produced book which is lovely to hold.
    I’ve also recently been to the launch of Tricia Glensor’s new book Telling lies. Tricia has worked as an editor for the School Journal for years but this is her first book, based on what happened to her father when he was shot down over France in WW2. She read us a short section – the bit where the German soldiers come to search the outbuildings when Paul, the NZ airman, is taking a bath in the shed – and everyone in the room was riveted. .
    My father used to have rows of books on the war, but as a child, they all looked dry and boring to me. I’m glad that we are telling our stories now in a way that will capture children’s attention and help them to understand more about our history, and about the nature of war.
    best wishes
    Philippa Werry

  2. I also wanted to add my thanks for this series of posts on Anzac Day books! We have The Red Poppy in our classroom book display and I am keen to read it this week to my class. I also like the sound of Lest We Forget so I’m going to see if our librarian can order it in.

    Have you read Mark Wilson’s In My Mother’s Eyes? I have just posted about how much my class of year five students enjoyed it. You can find more about it at http://motherseyes.com.au/ – it is so beautiful illustrated and the end so beautifully written and illustrated. It brought tears to my eyes as I read it to the students which is a first!

    • Thanks, I had forgotten about this one. I really like My Mother’s Eyes too. Like The Red Poppy it’s a great Anzac picture book for older children.

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