I Can’t Wait For…Arena 13 by Joseph Delaney

I’m a huge Joseph Delaney fan.  I’ve had the pleasure of hosting him in Christchurch and he’s a wonderful, interesting guy.  I’ve loved the Spooks Apprentice books and have wondered for a while what Joseph will write next.  Arena 13 is the answer to that question.  Read all about it below and check out the spectacular cover.

Arena 13, Joseph DelaneyThe city of Midgard is terrorised by Hob, a terrifying, evil creature who tortures at will and has the rulers of the city completely under his control.

The thirteen fighting arenas in the citiy are forever full with punters eager to make their fortune betting on the fights that take place there. The most popular – and the most terrifying of these – is the thirteen arena, the arena where the Trig fighters battle.

Sixteen-year-old Leith is determined to train as a Trig fighter and gets himself apprenticed to Tyron, the greatest of all trainers. But little does his new trainer or the other apprentices know, Leith has a personal battle to fight. He’s going to avenge the death of his father by killing Hob himself . . .

Arena 13 by Joseph Delaney is available now in NZ from Penguin Random House.

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