I Can’t Wait For…The Bakehouse by Joy Cowley

Viewed from a distance of seventy-plus years, 1943 was history soup, everything mixed up, and it was difficult to separate reality from what he had read or been told.  One event, though, was crystal clear and refused to be forgotten.  He’d never talked about it to the others, not Meg and certainly not Betty, but he didn’t want to be buried with the truth.

Someone should know what happened that winter day.

Bert wants nothing more than be old enough to fight in the war—to handle weapons, defend his country, and have a life filled with adventure. Little does he know that the secrets and danger of war don’t always stay at the front line, and that one boy’s actions can change everything.

I have loved Joy Cowley’s previous books from Gecko Press, Dunger and Speed of Light, and The Bakehouse sounds equally as good.  Gecko Press always produce beautiful books and their covers for Joy Cowley’s books are no exception.

The Bakehouse is released in NZ in August.

2 thoughts on “I Can’t Wait For…The Bakehouse by Joy Cowley

  1. It sounds very intriguing, Zac, though I wince at the idea of a boy of 11 wanting to go to war. It just shows shows how much our Governments brainwashed our young men in those days. And is the retail price really $29.10? That’s a lot for a paperback.

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