Beware – Danger is Everywhere!

I discovered the hilarious Danger is Everywhere a couple of weeks ago while browsing through new books at my library.  Danger is Everywhere is written by David O’Doherty and illustrated by Chris Judge.  It is a ‘Handbook for Avoiding Danger’ that has two aims:

  1. To remind you that Danger is Everywhere
  2. To make you into a qualified Dangerologist (Level 1)

It is chock full of tips to avoid danger in every day situations, including what to do with a page 9 scorpion, removing a bee in your house, how to find out if your teacher is a vampire, and how to dress for danger.  These handy tips are presented to you by Doctor Noel Zone, the world’s only Dangerologist.

The sequel to Danger is Everywhere, Danger is Still Everywhere, has recently been released and it contains even more tips for avoiding danger.  Both of these books are perfect for kids who like their books full of silly drawings, funny and crazy advice and lots of laughs.  I especially like Doctor Noel’s Relaxing Fairy Tales, crazy alternative fairy tales which involve things like the three little pigs being cooked by lava from a volcano.

Check out these videos featuring advice and tips from Danger is Everywhere and the book trailer for Danger is Still Everywhere:

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