Win a signed copy of Geek Girl: Head Over Heels

The latest Geek Girl book by Holly Smale, Head Over Heels, has just been released and I have a very special prize to celebrate.

Thanks to the awesome people at HarperCollins NZ I have a signed hardback copy of Geek Girl: Head Over Heels to give away!  

Thanks to everyone who entered. The winner is Fiona.



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3 responses to “Win a signed copy of Geek Girl: Head Over Heels

  1. Fiona Mackie

    How do I geek? Let me count the ways…. Star Wars – being able to use my own collection of classic figurines to decorate my son’s 8th birthday cake. Begone Anakin, you have no place here! Princess Bride – 4 different editions of the book, 3 different editions of the film, introducing it to our son who won’t watch it with me because I talk along with it. Discworld – signed editions, can quote chunks of it, especially The wee free men, and the section where Tiffny Aching asks ‘all those… little questions’. (And now I need to go and watch The Princess Bride and read Discworld books again!)

  2. liz breslin

    i’m a geek cos i have to have matching undies and i can’t walk past an errant apostrophe without fretting

  3. Fiona Mackie

    Thank you so much!

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