Reading survey for parents from CORE Education

Sue Bridges, Literacy Facilitator at CORE Education is looking to gather information from parents of primary-aged children for her research on reading help at home.  Sue is wanting to gather information about the ways in which parents and whanau are helping with reading at home – including both traditional and digital resources.  Please find the info about it below and the links to the survey.  If you know any other parents of primary-aged children please encourage them to fill in the survey too.

Reading Help at Home Survey

Helping your child to learn to read at home used to be just about your child bringing home today’s reading book from school (in a folder), to read with you.  Nowadays, with the addition of digital devices, it may look and feel a little different.

Sue and Catriona are experienced teachers, educational facilitators and researchers. We are carrying out research across New Zealand into whānau/parents’ views and current experiences of helping their children to learn to read. This will give us useful information to share with schools so they can better support children’s literacy learning in partnership with whānau/parents.

YOU are invited to contribute your experiences and views about this important process. It will take about 10-20 minutes. All information about this voluntary survey is at the beginning.  The survey will be open through the July holidays 2016.

It’s easy to take part:

Many thanks for considering sharing your valuable experience and ideas with us. If you have friends who are parents of primary children at other schools, please feel free to pass this invitation on to them.

Sue Bridges  (; ph 021 569 041)

Catriona Pene (; ph 021 390 604)

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