Smart About Sharks by Owen Davey

In my school I very rarely have shark books sitting on the shelves because sharks are one of those animals that kids, especially boys are fascinated with.  I’ve been keeping my eye out for any great shark books that I can find and thankfully the lovely people at Walker Books have brought a new one to my attention.  It’s called Smart About Sharks by Owen Davey and it is absolutely stunning!


Smart About Sharks is one of the most visually appealing nonfiction books that I’ve ever seen.  It’s one of those books that you just know kids are going to gravitate towards.  The cover grabs you and draws you in to the world of sharks.

Smart About Sharks has everything you wanted to know about sharks and more.  Owen explains what sharks are, tells you about their fins, their teeth, their prey, their social life, and he compares the sizes of different sharks. He tells us about the weird and wonderful varieties of shark, shark reproduction, and the place of sharks in mythology.  He also tells us what we can do, as humans, to help sharks.  There is a great contents and index too to help you find your favourite type of shark.


The thing I love the most about the books from Flying Eye Books is the premium production and this book is no exception.  The hard cover, binding and paper are high quality, which makes it feel like a book to treasure.  As a librarian I know that it is going to last the distance too.  My favourite part of the production of this book is the gorgeous shark end papers.

Smart About Sharks is the second children’s nonfiction book that Owen Davey has created for Flying Eye Books (he also wrote Mad About Monkeys) and I certainly hope he has more in the pipeline.  Grab a copy of Smart About Sharks now.

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