Grandpa Frank’s Great Big Bucket List by Jenny Pearson

It’s a rare treat to find a book that you know straight away is going to be a winner as a read-aloud. It needs to be a book that has a clear voice, will resonate with children and adults alike, captivate everyone, and have the whole class bursting into laughter. Jenny Pearson’s latest book, Grandpa Frank’s Great Big Bucket List, is one of these books.

The main character, Frank John Davenport, doesn’t feel seen by his parents. His mum
is always too busy and his dad is forever getting caught up in some scheme or other,
leaving his family having to start a new life somewhere else. All of the males in his family are called Frank, which makes for a rather confusing situation when his grandmother dies, leaving her fortune to Frank John Davenport. But there’s a catch – Frank must use his new-found fortune to take care of the grandpa that he has never met. A grandfather that just happens to live in a rest-home in the town that they’ve just moved to. While his parents try to convince Frank to give them the money, Frank decides
that he’ll go and meet his grandpa. His grumpy grandpa doesn’t want to have anything to do with him at first, but Frank knows that he needs to carry out his grandmother’s wishes. He compiles a list of all the ways that he can spend the money and take care of his grandpa, from hot-air balloon rides to swimming with dolphins. He just has to tick everything off his list before his parents take the money away.

Grandpa Frank’s Great Big Bucket List is a hilarious and heartfelt story that was an absolute joy to read.

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