Thunderbirds Are Go!

Are you a Thunderbirds fan?  Whether you love the original TV show or the reboot you’ll love these fantastic new books from Hachette New Zealand.

Official Guide Book

This official guide to Thunderbirds Are Go has all the information a new recruit needs.  Learn all about the history, vehicles and daring rescues in this definitive guide to International Rescue.

Sticker Activity Book

Are you ready to test your knowledge in this Thunderbirds Are Go Sticker Activity Book? From Sudoku and logic puzzles to a giant wordsearch and poster spread, this activity book is perfect for any International Rescue recruit.  Intelligence and reasoning are at the centre of every rescue and this book will test yours with these brain-bending activities.  So, if you think you have the skills to join the Tracy brothers then get your pens ready!

Crosscut Book

High radiation levels have been detected over Southern Africa – and are rising dangerously fast.  Can International Rescue find a way to stop the radiation leak and not get trapped in the treacherous mine? Find out in Crosscut, the first thrilling adventure – with free removable pop-up Thunderbird 1.

I love both the original series and the new CGI reboot so I was very excited to see these books.  They’re perfect for kids of all ages who enjoy the show.  The Official Guide Book is my favourite of these new books and it’s chock full of information about the characters and the vehicles.  There are profiles of each of the Tracy brothers, including info about their personalities and their responsibilities, and there are also profiles of new characters and vehicles.  I gave this book to my 11 year old sons and they were occupied for ages, poring over all the details and imagining their own adventures as the Tracy brothers. The sticker book is full of fun activities to keep kids entertained.  It contains over 50 awesome stickers (that I’m going to stick all over my notebook).  The Crosscut book is a great storybook for young Thunderbirds fans. It’s one of the stories from the TV series, but in book form.  The thing I love most about this book is the free 3D model of Thunderbird 1 that comes with the book and is super easy to assemble.

I hope there are plenty more Thunderbirds books to come (with other 3D models to collect).  Grab these fantastic books for the Thunderbirds fans in your life.

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